2019 Crotia Sailing Trip Details

How to survive 14 days on a boat
Galley/Boat - Basics

Olive Oil
Local Sea Salt
Pepper - Pepe?
Small garbage bags
Hand soaps
Large garbage Bags
Bathroom Cleaner
Sani Wipes for cleaning
Basil Plant
Napkins and or Paper Towel
Coffee for Italian Espresso stove top
Rubber Gloves
Toilet paper

Beer/Wine/ Water Info
Sljivovic – Plum Brandy
Radler style beer of Croatia - Karlovacko Radler Grapefruit/Lemon
Regular Beer is by Ožujsko
Water– comes in Gaz (bubbles) or Flat. Suggest you buy 2 gallons per person aboard and supplement along the way.

Breakfast Info
Bakeries everywhere .... have mentioned the flaky pastry Burek and will repeat.
Fresh breads, croissants and pastries are available almost every morning.
Hard Cheese
Soft Cheese< Tomato Olives Fig Jam A jam Marina Recommends is Coffee Cream Milk Honey Assorted fresh vegg Eggs Fruit Dried fruits like figs, apricots, plums Lunches/Snacks
Vegetables ...... huge choice at markets
Crackers and Rusks
Use Yogurt and seasonings to make dips
Sour Cream (for dip making)
Nuts ...... not necessarily as popular in Croatia as they are with all of us!
Dried fruits like apricots,figs, dates
Tuna in packs
Can of chick peas (for salads)
Can of corn (for salads)
Cans of assorted beans  (for salads)
Potatoes and Eggs for cold salad

Dinners Aboard
Maybe 2 dinners will occur aboard.
The rest of the time you will be eating out. Meals are seafood or lamb, chicken, goat or beef oriented. Not a lot of Vegg but you can get salads, a plate of grilled veg, pasta, risotto etc. Pricing is reasonable and often a single main is easy to share between 2 people! Pizza is hugely popular if you're a fan.

A box of pasta
A small bag of rice
Pesto makings
Vegg for a curry or a Primavera
Coconut milk or powder for rice or curry
Dried fruits
Chicken or Seafood from local market stop

These a few basics thru which 2 or 3 great meals could happen.

Bring From Home
Favourite coffee
Tea if you're partial to one in particular
Seasoning Packets for dips and making a curry
A baggie of cinnanmon for your yoghurt/cereal
Assorted nuts and peanuts - cheaper from Ayoubs in Vancouver

What to bring for on and off the water

Gear To Consider

- lightweight quick dry shorts, skirts, shirts, pants
- fleece jacket and light weight wind/rain jkt
- swim gear
- sunscreen
- lightweight sailing or work gloves (10 bucks at Marks WWH)
- hiking shoes or sandals
- non marking soft soled footwear for boat (Barefoot good, too)
- flip flops okay but not while underway ... too dangerous
- lightweight sleep gear
- quick dry towel BUT there are  lots of towels on board your boat
- hats and scarves. ... Ladies bring scarves ...

Men? You'd look swashbuckling ... bring your scarves, too 😉

- medications … know that pharmacies in Croatia are well stocked/priced
- headlamp with spare batteries
- items off of the posted shopping list
- Ladies .... Evenings casual & fun jewelry is helpful to feel more dressed up.
- Men .... a collared short sleeve shirt with belted shorts or pants for some evening dining places will make you more comfortable.

Soft foldable luggage please

.... there is no room on the boat for big suitcases with hard bottoms and sides and wheels.
BUT ... a solution .... I travel with a duffle/back pack bag and have been doing so for years and years. To make it easy on my aging arthritic body I strap my duffle to a set of wheels on a folding handle and rack with bungy cords. Therefore I'm wheeling through airports and cities and still able to store my bag in the smallest of spaces on a boat.  An item like that can be purchased at Canadian Tire, Walmart, Wanderlust Travel.

If you're travelling further on in Europe prior to or after trip and need the big suitcase we ARE able to store them at the base in Kastela at a cost of TWO EUROS per bag.